Games list for PBBG directory

Games list for PBBG directory


Thats a nice effort there by you Foohon, to list massive number of PBBGs. Here is a little contribution from me for you xD
There are few more games not listed in your directory like -

  1. - Pokemon based fully free game
  2. - Fakemons named as monsters based pay to win game, exactly similar mechanics as pokemonpets and also by the same owner. But not as much pay to win as other games out there.
  3. - somewhat like gates of survival but not that much pay to win. However community is not very big. Don’t know if game is new or owner himself is not advertising. Game is good although. Skills like fishing, mining etc. here. Combating is there as well.
  4. - A pay to win game but can be played on mobile. It is restricted by stamina. But as you play you can obtain lots of stamina as a freebie too. Pay to winners can get any number of stamina right from the beginning lolz. Fight monsters and all that kinda stuff here.
  5. - Dont get pissed off at URL, its name is The Phoenix Tales. An unlimited autos game. Yeah just leave your mobile or pc on and game will keep playing itself. Have pay to win elements. But as said mostly other similar games limit the autos to small number for freebies but thats not the case here. Fight monsters or do skills like fishing, mining both are here.

SUGGESTION - Add another 2 columns in PBBG directory, one specifiying game is Text, MUD, 2D or 3D and one for little bit description.


Great additions, thanks!

I’ve been working on something to help game owners define this themselves, with @WaveHack’s assistance. It isn’t quite ready yet but it will help somewhat.

Now that you mention it though, we should have a way for players to define this if/when a game developer doesn’t do so for whatever reason. I have a few ideas cooking and will update you guys eventually. Ideally we’ll have something in place where all of us can manage the list instead of just me.

Thanks again!


Just so I understand, is OpenDominion what you would classify as ‘Text’?


Just feedback, I was randomly checking some sites, and thought you should know that the record for “Games at bet365” looks dodgy.


I think most of the games have been scraped from various sources, and not all have been checked by hand.

That particular one sure does look shady. Might be a good idea to remove it from the list, Pie.


Ooh yikes, thanks for the catch guys!

It looks like that was a game at one point. I think we found our first game to mark as “dead”. I’ll update the list today and see if I can find any relevant info about it.


In directory manapot is showing error, however its working fine…i tried clicking and playing the game as well?


I wrote a script to check every game daily, and some of the games return unexpected responses from their servers. Those ones show as “error” even though they might load in the browser. (false negative)

Similarly, games like “Games at bet365” return a website that technically works even though it’s not a game anymore. (false positive)

It’s not a perfect system, and these are really just website statuses. I am going to update the directory to also include game statuses, which will say more about how playable the game is and will likely involve manual curation for certain statuses. My current plan is below, and this info would eventually be posted alongside the directory itself as a status key:


Verified games provide a file that includes summary info about their game. The response is structured according to a specific schema. OpenDominion has the first working example of this here:


This info will be included in the directory, and verified games will also be eligible for free promotion.

Example: OpenDominion


Unverified games have not provided the file above, but are playable.

Example: Imperial Conflict


Pre-Release games are not yet playable.

Example: Almightoronia


Dead games used to be playable but are no longer.

Example: (is now Games at bet365)