Introducing: OpenDominion

*OpenDominion is a free and open-source clone of Dominion, an online text-based and persistent browser-based (PBBG) fantasy war game.* *(via [](* In OpenDominion, you take control of a plot of land in a realm consisting of a group of other players. With your dominion and allied players, you combat the forces of good or evil using military, magic, or espionage. The goal? To finish at the top of the heap, to make your dominion and your realm the most powerful in the land, and to crush your enemies. ![OpenDominion-mobile-1](/content/images/2017/08/OpenDominion-mobile-1.png) ## Essentials
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## Background In 2012, a popular and beloved PBBG named Dominion shut its doors after 12 years of serving its playerbase. The game's creator posed a brief FAQ-style announcement, ending with a particularly somber question/answer: **Will Dominion ever return?** *Nothing is a certainty, but the odds are very low. While I’d love to finish the rewrite and show you what was so great about it and why it was taking so long, it seems unlikely that I’ll continue to work on it at this point. In the event that Dominion is ever re-launched you can probably expect an email, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting.* *(via archive @ [](* Truly unfortunate news and a tale all too common for independent game developers generally, if not moreso for PBBG creators specifically. Despite the dreary outlook, fans and new players alike may now have an option after all. In 2013, a year after Dominion shut down and 13 years after Dominion's original release, a player made an initial commit to a successor, OpenDominion. OpenDominion's intended goal is to recreate the original Dominion experience but with a look and feel suited for the modern web. ## Status in 2017 OpenDominion is in early development but does have an open beta available to play. * The project creator, [WaveHack]( is actively involved with 2017 seeing fair amount of activity in OpenDominion's public code repository. As an open-source project, developers are invited and encouraged to contribute. Interested developers can find more information at the project homepage below: *


I have a handful of print-screens from the old Dominion game, but I’m unable to upload files to this forum. Is there any way I can shoot them over to you, on the off-chance that you may have seen them before (not copied from the Web-Archive site).


Hi @Niue, the forum settings prevent fresh users from uploading, but you’ve since reached the next “trust” level.

Feel free to try again by drag and dropping here. Let me know if it doesn’t work, thanks.