AgoniaLands - Game bringing back the emotions from UO Pre Tram

I have played a lot of MMOs over the years. Ultima Online pre Tram was the one I enjoyed the most. I found a browser based MMO which gives some of those same Pre Tram emotions. PVP with loot drops, faction wars, Valued crafters, town/world building, etc.

Although the game is quite different in ways, its a browser game not an isometric desktop game, it is the same in the important parts and the emotions it generates while playing. You know a game is good when your hands are shaking after a big pvp raid and you’re trying to get out of the enemy lands alive with some good loot.

  1. Actually Free - No cash shop or subscription at all, devs volunteer their time because they love the game.
  2. Faction Wars - There is a constant faction battle across the world which keeps things interesting. Players can choose any faction they want even if they are not your race’s home faction.
  3. PVP with loot drops - You drop your loot when you die. You can restock gear from your town, get revenge, and get your gear back though. Dieing isn’t the end of the world. Pvp is possible in groups and solo. I have had quite a few great solo pvp raids. Coordinated group raids can be fun too and safer of course, however then you have to split the loot with your friends.
  4. World terraforming - Players can build roads, forts, towns, and bridges. They can also tear down mountains and trees to make room for building and alter the monster spawns in those areas as well.
  5. Rare world mobs - Rare monsters with good loot randomly spawn and move around the map until they die.
  6. Large rare world bosses - Dragon fights with 40+ players, often leading into massive pvp battles as they tend to spawn in the contested areas between factions and give a ton of loot.
  7. Valued Crafters - All gear is crafted so crafters are heavily valued. Brings back memories of standing in line for the blacksmith at the Britain smithy.
  8. Useful loot - Loot contains ingredients (common or rare) for crafts and enhancement items you add onto your gear. All loot has a use, no junk items like in many games.
  9. Skill based progression - Weapon, crafting, and other general skills can be trained by use with no restrictions.
  10. Player chosen stat increases - You get to choose your stat increases, all skill gains give evo points which you use to increase any stat you want.
  11. Races have differences - Races are important and effect how expensive each stat is and how much it costs to move across different terrain types (plains, snow, desert, etc.).

Make sure to check out the discord (link in game) as guilds and factions coordinate a lot of pvp, trading, world terraforming, etc. there.

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Sounds pretty awesome!

How long have you been playing for?

I have been playing since it opened in January 2019. I played the predecessor to the game for over a decade. It was similar, but not as good.

A good example of a recent happening in game:

  1. We saw 2 people of the other faction in the middle of the map and so we gathered some people to kill them, 2. However soon they had 5, then 7, then 10 people. More were gathering throughout the day.
  2. We figured they have to have found a dragon or perhaps they are building a bridge in contested territory which would allow them easy access to two of our important iron mines across the river.
  3. We gathered a bunch of people to counter them. I woke up today thinking well I am either going to be dead in a massive fight or we attack them and have a massive fight.
  4. But they simply disappeared. Which is somewhat more concerning. Did they give us the slip to attack the main bases in our lands or did the dragon move and they are going after it somewhere else. Now it is a scouting game.
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There have been a number of updates and events since I last posted here. A lot of improvements to in game chat, skill caps, new player walk through, and much appreciated performance improvements.

More large battles between the factions occurring. Some of which didn’t go my way sadly, but that is how it goes. There is always time for revenge.

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