Almightoronia Development Questions


Q1:- As i was more of a visual studio developer, i am not used to manual box drawing with coding as needed in bootstrap case. I want something like wireframe, drag and drop ain’t there any way to do so for bootstrap? And if there is no way how do you do it manually, just by trials and hit? I mean there is no way to know whats x and y for location that we want, or exact width we need while writing instead of drawing?

Here is the index.html with which i have completed the homepage -

Although it is not as per my wireframe blueprint exactly but still it is looking kinda cool and clean xD
but it was really time consuming. I want something like wireframe lolz in which i can place things by drag and drop wherever i want, here i have to add columns, rows and other stuff, do trials for column classes etc. and even after that placement is still something that i cannot control…

Answer - Bootstrap Studio :stuck_out_tongue:

Introducing, Harry

Q2:- I designed registration page, also created databases… but don’t know how to addup recaptcha as on searching google recaptcha it is asking domain so maybe it is a thing we can do only after buying hosting plan… so is there any alternate for it?

Subquestion - And there is a dropdown in my registration page, how to allot a value to listed items and enter that in database? For eg:- a player select food from dropdown i want to allot default value of food to 1 and enter 1 in database records of that user… Currently i commented that line.

Another Subquestion - The menu item selected doesn’t show up on combo box after selection? Why?

One more Subquestion - The php code doesn’t seems working at all in case of checking mismatch of passwords and even for posting to database… please tell whats wrong there?

Registration Form here -
Exported Database code -
connection php file -


That’s pretty cool! Nice find.

Are you running a local server to test things? If so, you should be able to just provide a local address for the captcha configuration.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on this though. It’s good to think about it but unless you have a large spam problem you might be spending time solving a problem prematurely.

Right now your dropdown buttons aren’t tied to the form. You’ll either need to:

  1. Make them some kind of form element (select would match the dropdown style).
  2. Write javascript to collect the data from the buttons and then submit the form for you.

#1 is probably more straightforward for now.

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Could you take a screenshot?

Can you describe what “doesn’t seems working at all” means? What are you expecting and what is happening instead?



well somehow i am done with registration system… so now whats next ? Now login, logout, registration and homepage are fully working


Do you have a version online we can see?


I’ve obviously come in late, but you live and learn and just maybe, this suggestion ‘might’ prove helpful. I am also interested in learning pbbg creation as a hobyy, and I stumbled across this plugin that seems to sort out almost ALL the registration, login, password confirmation, etc for me.

Now before you ‘poo-poo’ the link, and say this is some shameless advertising. I plead with you to look at least. I know that it is an Affiliate link, BUT you don’t pay any extra should you buy it, AND I get some pocket money AND hopefully you find a better solution.

I appreciate that it’s a Wordpress plugin, but hey, I installed WP as a nice easy install, to serve as an information page(s) before clicking into a game (that’s the plan).

Without any programming, you can create Free or Payment Plans, restrict certain or all game web pages to a class of your members.

Hope this helps.
David Dixon


Here sire -

NOTE - I am looking for volunteer PHP developers for my project too…


That’s up to you. :slight_smile: What part would you like to see next?


Sad Note -

Well i had a dream to make my own game. But due to lack of funds and programming knowledge i have to postpone that dream. But i haven’t fully given up, i am writing the story for my game as a player of that future game.

I hope that some programmers gets interested in this and help me make my dream game.
Link to the blog is -

Please post your useful comments to improve my story posting as well. Also keep checking it, i will try to update it daily, just like a webnovel.


Hi buddy, I typed as per your blog, and it doesn’t appear to be active. Have you taken it down?


If you mean that you clicked the link within the blog then that will be future game, if i am able to make it :smiley:
Currently its just story being written for future almightoronia.


Well I am not coder, but to quench my desire of making a game, i created this Play by post game named as Wrestlemania. It is forum based game, but still very much enjoyable if you know how to roleplay… can be played solo and multiplayer too … also chat is there in forums to challenge your opponent in multiplayer… or simply chat…
If this feels good, and gets little popular i will make almightoronia in similar way only :slight_smile:

Link to game -