David, is who I am!

Hello peeples. I’m 55 as at 2017, and have always had an interest in Browser Based Games and like most gamer’s I started to witness a downturn in this category as a result of the new wave of high end computers with souped up processing speeds and graphic enhancements. Both of which opened the door to much more visually stunning games. I believe that the text based PBBG became the framework for a lot of the future games in this genre (resource management, fighting, tactics and defending), and that the new age clever youngsters added images that moved, shadows that followed, water that flowed and shiny glass balls that looked like shiny glass balls.

As time went on, the characters and equipment became almost photo realistic Sadly however, I think it also introduced a viral appetite for the ‘immediate and now’, leading to shorter games. I don’t want to continually engage in battles at ground level, I want to be the guy who makes decisions in bringing your military might together.

Of all the times I’ve played pbbg, I don’t think I have ever ‘rage quit’. I just don’t think pbbg puts you into that life or death mindset. Anyways, if it’s the final pbbg battle that determines whether your population predominantly survives or not, and you lose … you simply strategise again (like a game of chess).

I have always loved pbbg, primarily because it stirred up the imagination, and it felt like you were truly the Commander, Chieftain or Tribal Leader that sat down and contemplated your moves with “time on your side” LIKE REAL LIFE.

That’s my rant from Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to a resurgence of pbbg!


Welcome, Niue! :smiley:

Glad to see there’s still interest in PBBGs from all kinds of people, even though some may claim PBBGs are are thing of the past.

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Well PBBGs can never be thing of past, as you know super high end MMORPGs like WoW have huge fanbase. However they can’t play it all time, what if they are on mobile…
There are many Playstation Destiny players nowadays who had joined the text based version of Destiny PBBG so that they can continue to play it on their mobiles when not on PC.
And similarly many more examples are there…

Apart from Mobiles, That light setup of PBBG is a very big plus point for low end desktops and laptops as well. We can make endless huge PBBGs too. Real game is not graphics but the ideas and concepts. And as pbbgs are programmed like other 2d/3d games, there is endless possibilities to create something new.
Its just like Niue said all popular games took text games as frameworks only :smiley:

And i personally love PBBGs and also have a dream of making lots of them :slight_smile: and similarly you guys who are joining this place do so as well. And i hope this quantity will keep rising.

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