Have you met up with any PBBGers in person? If so, how did it go?

We were talking over at Imperial Conflict about our experiences meeting up with each other, it got me wondering about all of us here.

Waaaay back in the day, I invited a fellow player from a different city over to my house when I still lived with my parents. We lied and said we were classmates haha. It was obviously a pretty dumb thing to do, but we were both just high school kids at the time so it wasn’t any big deal. This was like 15 years ago.

I’ve met a few others since then, but not many. A lot of us have known each other for years and talk about meeting up to go drink and such if we’re ever traveling, but so far I haven’t had much chance to. Sounds fun though.

What about you guys? Have you ever met up with other players from your respective PBBG communities?

I met Dave. Owner over at MWG a while back. Decided to meet in London. Played at a casino won some dollar. Went to the M and M factory. Did some other stuff. Met up a few times.

Most recently in Amsterdam. I got smashed on like two beers, smoked a ton of weed did touristy stuff and got lost riding our bikes at like 2am. Known him for a good 7 years now? Was worth it, never looked back :slight_smile:

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