Hello from Bulgaria!

Hello from Bulgaria!


I have played a lot of pbbg’s and like to create new systems for such games in my spare time (when there is some). These usually run quite deep, but I rarely have the time and skill to make them a reality. I haven’t published any of them online yet. It would be great to change ghat though!

My history with PBBGs

I’ve played lots of space games, the most prominent being Pardus and the Star Wars Combine. Also numerous others which I cannot list right now.

How I found pbbg.com

By looking for a platform for PBBG’s so I could try to make my latest idea a reality.

Thanks for reading!

It’s nice meeting you all, and I hope this place is more active than it seems at first sight :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community! We are quite an active group, just usually on our Discord server. You can join us by clicking on this link: https://chat.pbbg.com

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