Hello, my name is FoohonPie

Hi everybody!

My real name is Vince but you all know me here as @FoohonPie. A little bit about my background:

Imperial Conflict

Years ago I found Planetarion (PA) and fell in love with these kinds of games. I didn’t know what a PBBG was at the time but I couldn’t stop playing. I was never well known or anything there but I do have some fond memories of the Scandanavian Legion and FURY alliances. Crazy times!

While still playing PA I started looking for another game to feed my addiction and found Imperial Conflict (IC) that was like PA but with a map! :heart_eyes: This doesn’t seem like a huge deal nowadays but for the time this was pretty advanced for an otherwise text based experience.

I eventually left PA but stayed with IC for years, becoming a chat mod, game mod, volunteer developer, and as of 2016 the new owner. That’s where I spend most of my time these days, working on IC. If you’re interested in something new, new players are always welcome!



I started pbbg.site because I saw a pretty strong lack of support for players and developers in our community. Everybody seems to be in their own little isolated world, and I don’t think it needs to be this way.

There have been other attempts to bring our community together but so far nothing has had a wide degree of success, and I personally think that has to do with quality. Nothing against other site owners but I do think we can do better for our players, developers, and aspiring game creators.

Our games are pretty niche but they still attract incredibly active and devoted players. The rise of mobile gaming and incremental games specifically has convinced me that there is still a strong and large audience of players who want alternatives to mainstream gaming. We can be a viable choice for people if we can come together, make our presence known, and help each other improve the quality of our games.

I’ve heard people ask if PBBGs are dead. I say far from it; we have the potential to enter a 2nd era of greatness. I created pbbg.site so we can all help make this happen.

Other stuff

I also run a personal blog at foohonpie.com for when I get the itch to write. If you haven’t noticed already, I can get a little wordy. :wink:

I’m a software engineer by profession and hobby and have been building for the web since 2003. Similarly, I’m also a hobbyist game developer and have also dabbled in non-web games (interactive chat games and board games, specifically) since about 2002.

I also occasionally draw. I ran a webcomic called S.N.A.T. from 2004-2006. This is where my avatar is from. Every now and then I’ll make a random comic to shake off the rust. Here’s one from my birthday last year:

Once in awhile I’ll also dabble into playing guitar and drums, but I don’t have much to show for that.

So that’s me!

I’m happy to be here and excited to meet other players, devs, and game designers. Most importantly I’m happy for all of us to help grow the PBBG community together.