Hello World!

Hello World!

I’m Kayne Ruse, also known as Ratstail91. I’ve been making games for 16 years, and I’m currently interested in PBBGs. I’ve made two so far:

Kingdom Battles was first, and shows all the signs of amateur knowledge of the genre. Egg Trainer came next, and is a little better, but still needs a rewrite.

I’m currently working on the MERN template: https://github.com/krgamestudios/MERN-template

This will eventually become the basis for the Egg Trainer rewrite - but I’m hoping it can also be useful for other developers, so I’m making it as generic and easy to use as possible.

Anyway - I’m sure a lot of you know me from Discord, but I’ve just started writing for the blog too. I hope you like what I post!