Hi, SapheraKurenai here

Most of you who play pbbg games may already have seen my name come across since i play most popular ones.
Unfortunately i’m not a coder myself, i tried but it just doesn’t suit me. I did design a game tho but have troubles finding a coder for it since most want to be paid by the hour. now i’d like to try here but not sure if this forum is for that? I’ts a text-based browser clicking game (no auto’s) dragon breeding/rpg.
If you are a coder looking for a project like this, please contact me or reply on this post :slight_smile:


Welcome saphera. Hey you are just like me and are at right place. I am making my own game too, you can do same. Just keep trying yourself and make a questions thread for your game like in case of my Almightoronia.

In basic things or noobish questions i will help you, in advanced other coders often visit this forum, they will surely help you. So come on in here.

This forum is created by a developer foohonpie himself xD. Although coders are not as much online as me, but i am mostly there especially if you are in GMT +5:30 timezone xD And i will be happy to help you as well. Also if you wanna team up with me thats fine too :slight_smile:

And if you still need developer then you can directly contact foohonpie, he doesn’t charge per hour i suppose, i am not sure though.

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Thnx for your reply Harry :slight_smile: I tried multiple times to code but it’s really not meant to be for me and i also just dont have the time for it after work and stuff. I’m dutch and live in the timezone UTC+1 so i think we’re wide apart :stuck_out_tongue:

Heya and welome, fellow Dutchie! :smiley:

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still there will be few points in meeting as i stay around 13 to 15 hrs online daily xD
And as told same goes for me, i failed multiple times but i never gave up xD Even now its very slow, i try and post my mistakes and get answer once a day and that may also not be what i expected, but still i keep trying.
I can guide you at least upto my level that too non stop as told that i am online most of the time xD

If you still dont want to develop yourself then PM to foohanpie he can do development and he doesn’t charge per hour i suppose…but he sure can be expensive as from my point of view as i am super poor guy xD

Hi @SapheraKurenai, welcome!

I can empathize with not knowing how to code, we were all there at some point after all. :slight_smile:

@mailmeharry2008 is a good example here: when we first talked he mentioned that he didn’t know where to start but after a few conversation he’s making good progress!

Of course, if other priorities prevent you from spending time to get your hands dirty, there are other options too. If you’re interested in hiring a developer, feel free to PM me. As Harry mentioned, I don’t charge hourly. Rather, if you have a budget in mind I’ll tell you what I can provide at that price and then you can decide if it sounds reasonable to you.

Then, there’s the free option. :smile: One of the reasons pbbg.site exists is specificially to help people looking to build or improve their own game. If you don’t know where to start, feel free to post in the forum category below and all of us can join in to help you. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your game!


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thnx for your reply, my brother is going to teach me some basics as he’s a developer already :slight_smile:
I also found someone who is willing to code for me so i’m really happy ofcourse ^^
once stuff is online ill post a link here so you can see the progress :slight_smile:

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You are so lucky :slight_smile:
Good luck with your game :smiley: