I just published a basic version of pbbg, looking for feedback on the first version and ideas for next steps!

Link to the game: https://pbbg.dev/

I am a software developer from The Netherlands and I launched the first version of this game on May 31, 2020.

The idea

I am not a game designer. I don’t come up with great content ideas, nor do I want to. I do like software architecture and an online game like this is something I have wanted to build for years.

Current features

The game doesn’t have many gameplay features yet. However, it has been built in a framework that allows me to add features pretty rapidly. I hope to get some feedback on my ideas and additional ideas early in the process. Here’s what we have at this moment:


Rewards are the initial method of distributing money to players. Rewards can be claimed every 10 minutes, hour and day. Rewards will probably be removed from the game soon, or disabled for pleaers after a week of playtime.

Media outlets

Media outlets are owned by players. This outlet. Dev Journal, is owned and managed by me. To create your own media outlet. You need 30k coins. Media outlets can plat a huge role in opening up the open world effect in the game. In the future, we can add features to sell ad space, different media channels, and much more

Tulip Mania

The Tulip Mania is a mechanic to have money flow around in the early stages of the game. It also introduces the first (inventory) item in the game. It is basically a. ponzi-scheme : this means that everybody makes money, except the last owner of a tulip. They will lose their money and be left with a withered tulip. However, there will only be one “Withered tulip 42”…

How it works

In the game screen, you see a panel called “Tulip Mania”. You can see the current status of the current tulip here. It is either for sale, or the owner is setting a price. If a tulip isn’t sold within 12 hours

  • Every Tulip has a unique name, starting with “Tulip 1”
  • The initial price of a tulip is 10 coins
  • The owner of a tulip can, after purchase, set a price between the price they paid and twice that amount
  • If the owner doesn’t set a price within 5 minutes. The price will default to 1.5 times the price they paid
  • If the tulip is not soled within 12 hours, it turns into a Withered tulip.

Withered tulips

Withered tulips are unique items. ‘Tulip 1’ turns into ‘Withered tulip 1’. There will only ever by 1 version of each tulip. Making them scarce.



Companies’ ownership is managed with shares. Shares can be emitted to raise funds. Shares can be owned by individuals and companies.

Open world

I’m looking to work with an world. A grid of places. Every place has it’s own attributes. Cities can be founded on places. etc.

I hope some of you are enthusiastic about the idea. I’m looking for a couple of people to test and develop the idea with me. I’ll do the tech!

Link to the game: https://pbbg.dev/