I'm Archxiao. Hey there!

こんにいちは (Hello)

Hey all, I’m Archxiao, a game developer/artist/musician. Currently in school for Biology and Chemistry, but I’ve worked with all facets of computers since I was a young child. I’m also close to a degree in Japanese. The language & culture has always been close to my heart. (not just anime/music :expressionless:)

My title in software engineering is Full Stack with a focus on Mobile development. I’ve started a business for video game development and animation, so I like to spend my time with that as well.

I am working on a game now, which is called Bit World Hero. It’s a 2D side-scrolling fantasy RPG. After character creation, it works without any internet connection, so play it whenever you like. (mobile-friendly!)

My history with PBBGs

The main PBBG that gave me interest is Realm of The Mad God. This is also my most hated PBBG. (don’t ask me to play, I won’t. :stuck_out_tongue:) Played it for the first time about 5 years ago. I’ve since found many others through the subreddit /r/PBBG

How I found pbbg.com

I found pbbg.com from /r/PBBG and glad I did. It showed me an entirely new community of people that are very welcoming.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for hearing me out! glhf! Hope to see you in-game!

I’m also now with free time to be able to accept requests for artwork. I do Pixel/Digital Hand-Drawn stills and animation. Feel free to contact me about that! Depending on your request, it may be free.


Welcome @Archxiao! Bit World Hero is looking great, can’t wait for party mode. :slight_smile:

Your interests cover quite a bit of ground it seems, that’s awesome! What kind of music to enjoy making? Also, do you have any examples of artwork online? I’m intrigued. :thinking:

Glad to have ya here!

Welcome, Archxiao! As both a full-stack developer and an artist, you’re an unstoppable PBBG-creating machine! I’m the only active developer on my project, but I am primarily backend – my struggles with javascript are almost comical. :wink:

Does your business have a web presence yet? Add me as a +1 to @FoohonPie’s questions as well!

@FoohonPie Thanks for having me :smiley: I’m excited for it too!

@Travdan Thanks! I’d like to think I am. Most games I have planned will be PBBGs, with some having native additions.
Keep at it on JavaScript, and you’ll get there soon!!
It’s live at studionaito

My music creation interests are orchestral, electronic, rock, classical guitar, and instrumental hip hop.
I only have artwork online from my days in high school, they are in my deviantart https://sta.sh/ bin.