Introducing, Harry

I am Harry, and i want to create PBBGs of mine own. I love to play PBBGs as well, but i am usually pissed off by the pay to win nature of games… But on other hand i understand that for living we need money as well. So i have worked out a solution for that and will shortly be making a PBBG of my own that meets my requirements.

As a player - Currently playing and I played way too many games to list like Talibri, Midenquestonline, Relics of avabur, algadon, fallen-sanctum, heroesrpg,,, manapot, lyrania, various pokemon games and many many more… but most of them were pay to win. Whenever i get bored i switch to single player pc games where theres nothing pay to win xD
Only game that i found fully free as mmorpg was, and there i remained undisputed rank 1 for a long time but that feeling of being topper is boring so i quit that too, i also was rank 1 in

I have the capability of being top rankers if not rank 1 in any game if its not pay to win xD

My dislikes - Fully PvP or forced PvP games (PVP is fine if its not enforced like some games give options or setting to turn off PKing for them, in which neither they can kill other players nor they can be killed by others, some games also offer only certain places of PVP so that only people visiting there can be PKed other places are safe) .
I also hate complex games where it requires one to study games wiki first and then play, games should have inbuilt tutorials and also should provide basic startup to all players xD
Of course pay to win is my obvious dislike too xD

EDIT - I forgot to mention my hate for stamina based, action points based game too. Games should have unlimited playability. Restricting it is done just to make game pay to win normally xD

Hi @mailmeharry2008, welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m looking fwd to helping you get your project off the ground. We’ve talked a bit already, but for the others here do you mind explaining your game a bit and how we can assist you?


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This world is named as Almightoronia. It has various continents in it. It has 10 continents - Deus Machina (abundant in metallic ores), Godville (abundant in wood), Harinagar (abundant in food), and so on.


These are the official continents that are created by default and can be used by anyone. Mostly designed for newbies. Each continent has 100 tiles for resources and 100 tiles for residences… (so i have allocated 1000 tiles of resources already as in excel sheet ) 100 tiles of residences will be one house per user given on random tile which ain’t resource one…(100x10 = we have room for 1k users right from the beginning for our game) Our tutorial for newbies will happen here as well.

There will be only one currency in game i.e. Gold which can buy anything (even in pay2win version of game, there people can pay to buy gold :p) These 10 continents will be base of all economy of game as well :smiley:

For player user will register in our website (registration needs only username, password and email (minimum 3 characters, max 50)), will have a free home in any residential tile. During registration his preference for resource should be asked, and depending on his answer he will be born in residential sector of that particular continent. like say if someone chose faith, he will be born in Gurunagar, his initial status will be peasant.

These 10 continents resources will never be extinguished. Player will keep rising in status and can even be President of these continents by voting system (Its democracy in all these 10 continents xD)
but drawback for these will be slow resource gathering, slow leveling.

If player found his own continent (which wont be easy) then he has the choice of resources distribution, founder will be the king of the continent always (monarchy), the biggest plus is growth here in leveling is 2x from official continents in any task. He can recruit up players of game from Embassy from 10 continents to his continent as well, or even villagers for automation.
Also unlike 1 tile restriction in official continents, he will have all tiles under his disposals where he can do multitasking. Initially all 200 tiles of his continent will be locked but he can buy tiles with gold. So he can reduce traveling distances for residence to work location for himself and villagers xD
But to replenish resources on his continent he has to buy stuff from 10 continents only, thereby this regulates economy cycle of our game xD, interesting ain’t it xD

In official continent anybody can choose only one profession. He can switch but that will lead to just waste of his exp earned in previous profession so it will be kinda reset for a character in case of switching professions.

now on to gameplay - player will have to manually do stuff initially like clicking praying button continuousuly to earn faiths (botchecks will be needed here, but botcheck success rewards should be awesome (even it can be our currency i.e. gold) so that players dont get discouraged), then he can sell them at Market (fully player operated during live game, during beta alpha staff is going to maintain it), initially our staff is responsible to buy the newbies stuff so that gold comes into the market… then it will slowly increase itself by captchas rewards, and random drops of gold chunks while doing professional skill. (it will be pure luck) There will be WishtoGod Temple where people can spend there gold to buy villager for them, villager will require one tile to live as well so if he is using villager he cant use manual and if he is playing manual he cant use villager in official continents. (In official continents villagers and player cant work simultaneously due to 1 house per user restriction.)

Buying villagers improves status of player from peasant to village chief, and then town mayor (at 10), country president, or monarch (at 50) etc…depending on continent he is living

Leaderboards will be for all resources, wealthiest, poorest, best continent, worst continent, etc.
we will have forums too

PM system, chat system too is mandatory, chat must have announcements like x player acquired x gold during x task, x player founded continent etc.

There will another 11th continent i.e. PVP continent Wargodville with every resource available in abundance and infinite amounts… also rate of level ups there will be 2x like private continents.
People can play their on their own risk of PKing xD (Restriction of only 1 residence is still there)

So individual stats will have personal stats too like strength, speed and defense, also lots of equipment that he may wear with various boosts.
Occupations like forging, weaponmaking, armormaking will also be there (but everything will be player driven) no help from us for introduction of equipment especially

The bots i.e. villagers will have 5 second timer for any task
upgradation of bots can be done at high costs, where bots efficiency can be improved upto 3 seconds…
every upgradation level will reduce timer by 0.2 seconds and raise the base cost of further upgradation by 2x

combat Profession will be there as well
where they hunt monsters, animals etc… and bring various goods, different animals give different stuff like luxury goods, food, water, fuel and faith for some very strong bosses

Dungeons will be there, (group dungeons and individual dungeons)
World Boss will be there named Titan EvilLord

Continents are clans here where the monarch of continent can allow other players to live and allocate him tiles, its his wish to allocate villagers instead as well

We can use images from free open sources and if something is not available i will draw, doesn’t matter how bad i draw xD An admin panel for me will also be created xD The basic layout should be flexible so we dont have problem in introducing more stuff as per our gamers requests xD

Random events should be there in official continents only where speed of leveling will be raised to double, triple or quadruples for an hour. Mostly double rarely triple and ultra rarely quadruple xD In private continents events can be launched by leader by spending huge golds :slight_smile:

Without any villager upgrades, or boosts or equipment boosts - Level 1 - 100 - 1 piece per hit manual and 1 piece per 5 sec for villager (yeah bots will level up too alongside upgradations)
Level 101-200 - 2 pieces, and so on… Levels will be unlimited
leveling from 1-20 should be super easy encouraging newbies to play game, then after than exponential raise in exp required for next levels

every continent has its own market, and inter continent trade market
own market for trade of resources by players, the goods acquired are sent to inter continent market and from there if other continent asks anything it is sent there

History and logs of all players and continent will be kept and every continent Memorial should list it for continent. Player logs are for us admins only i.e. cant be seen by normal people

for combaters very rarely equipment may drop from bosses, or world boss
world boss can come as a group too, i.e. 1x to 10x Titan Evillords - in case of multiples rest of spawned ones will be named Titan Minievils. Minievils stats are half that of main Titan Evillord, rewards also go 1x to 10x as per the spawns. Generally it should be massive gold.

all continents have their needs and story, so continents will keep issuing quests for all individuals as well, which gives little better rewards than just skilling. Private continent leader are free to create their story as well through role playing or even can play without story by issuing senseless or humorous quests xD.

and result of the quest should have impacts as well, like a quest for food hunt as continent is starving
on finishing quest user will deposit required amount of food and that food will go to continent storage
similarly monarch of private continents can issue quests for their villagers or real players living in his continent

the villagers will be server sided, it means they automatically work if user doesn’t manually do his respective skill for 5 minutes (so its auto switch to villager mode) and even if user logs out that villager will keep working and delivers output when user logs in again (if he has all necessary requirements like fuel for travelling, proper equipments for tasks, storage space, food, water for his own working if anything required is missing villager will stop and may even die and as villager is so expensive its death will be shock to player xD ).

the WishtoGod Temple can also be used for global boosts by players on cost of gold
but costs should be high, earning of gold should be low in all circumstances

every professional skill like weapon crafting, unlike basic skills like mining, hunting etc… will have huge dependency of all type of resources. Even basic skills tools should have requirements of various resources. User himself and even villagers will consume food for automatic working, no food will lead to their death as well, no water will lead to their death as well. Without luxury goods they will be unhappy and efficiency of them is reduced to half. means 5 sec timer goes 10 sec

for travelling from one tile to another fuel will be necessity
5 fuel per tile in succession horizontally or vertically or even diagonally
travel is necessary too, as bag of inventory to carry farmed resources will be limited and only house of users have large storage spaces (not unlimited) so once they hit limit they have to deposit their resources back to house before working again… same goes for villagers too they will consume fuel automatically as calculated by our server for their travels…
similarly we will define dependencies for other resources as well

Also a whole story will be there for combaters, and while combating both gatherers and combaters can combine there forces to beat world boss, or even normal mobs during group dungeons

So this is the GDD of the game that i want to develop, hope the community here helps and supports me well xD

As per instruction from i_like_pie i even drew wireframe for my home page xD

And here is wireframe for main game page too

And here is registration form wireframe

Note - Project started at Almightoronia Development Questions

All further updates will be there…

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