Looking for a pbbg with complex and meaningful crafting

Looking for a pbbg with complex and meaningful crafting


Hi, I am new here. I played many pbbg and muds. I love crafting very much. As the title says I am looking for suggestions. Some key features I am looking for:

  1. Lots of crafting materials
  2. Materials have traits (some materials good for fire damage, some for ice damage etc)
  3. Player housing.
    I played drakor, fallen sanctum, movoda (trying now), talibri (I loved it, crafting was great. but you know what happened), batteredshield (a good one). From mud category I played dragonrealms (very good, have all that I want, but needs monthly sub), coffeemud (a good one too), empiremud, 4dimension and few others. I play therian saga and I like it very much.

I mentioned what I like and hoping to know what you like. If those feel my criteria that’s a bonus.


Hi @Bertelemy, welcome!

I haven’t played these myself, but I’ve read that the following have some kind of crafting mechanic:

I’ve also added the “crafting” tags for these games. If more come in, you can check them out @ https://pbbg.com/tags/crafting.

Let us know how you like them! :smiley: