Looking for JavaScript Game Developer (OpenGL/WebGL)

Looking for JavaScript Game Developer (OpenGL/WebGL)



I’m Archxiao, and I’m looking for someone aspiring to be a JavaScript game developer or already is one. I’ve been working on a 2D fantasy explorer, that is mobile-friendly, and would like to find someone willing to help out.

Bit Guild (about the game):

You lead a guild, completing jobs to earn more “bit” (in-game currency) and rise in rating.

Unlock skills and equipment, try your hand at PVP, walk through the open-world, and chat with other players.

Level your characters and complete class-specific quests to unlock new classes.

In your guild you can hire computer players, recruit real players, or go solo to: complete jobs, raid dungeons, and gain rating

The position:

A basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is necessary. However, anything else you don’t know, I would be spending time mentoring you on them for use in this.

Some of the technologies used:

  • WebGL/OpenGL
  • WebSockets
  • IndexedDB

It's very close to being released for Beta, and if you would be interested in helping to finish it, I can offer you a percentage of revenue.

:heart: Archxiao


HI, I would like to put my hand up, however I am conscious of being a possible hindrance on your project as my skills are simply a basic understanding of HTML. If anything I would love to test the game and offer feedback, if nothing else. Let me know if you have any questions. AND, good luck with the project if I don’t hear back from you.


Hi Niue, thank you for your interest!

Currently, I do not have the time to help you learn JavaScript/CSS, because of the game. However, if you are still interested, I can keep you in mind when I get a little bit more time (after beta release, possibly).

For testing, I will send you links when I have something I would like to be tested.