MafiaShot Browser Game Text-Based

Dear Members,

First of all i want to explain why i added this post in this section.
Based on the game story its Mature 17+.

Lets me say my story.
Before 10 years i had one of the most successful online mafia games called EuroGangster.
I had over 2000 active players per day. Then hackers attacked my server and my website at the same time.
Probably some people where annoyed by my success.
After 10 years i decided to try once again . The success of Eurogangster was the community.
People where having fun when they where playing Eurogangster.
Now lets talk about future.
My new game is called MafiaShot

There are many functions inside that will keep you active . We update the game with new things for sure every 1 week.

We wanted to ask you all to give us again the chance to become the best mafia game on the net !!!


Alex C.

MafiaShot CEO

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