Partnership with MakeWebGames

I’m happy to announce that we are partnering with MakeWebGames to expand the reach of both communities.

MakeWebGames is a community for those interested in making web games.

We share a common goal to help developers realize their visions, and there is mutual benefit to be had by working with and supporting each other.

How does this impact and its services?

The biggest change right now is that we’ll be providing MWG’s users a place within our Discord chat. So please give them a warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Second to that, we’ll be evaluating our goals for our forums here. MWG’s own forums serve some of the same purpose for gamedevs, and our forums here haven’t quite taken off as much as our Discord chat has.

That said, we won’t be shutting down our forums. It will be more of an exercise of focus, and deferring to MWG where it makes sense. So if you’d like to take a stroll to see what they’ve got going on, do join MWG and introduce yourselves!

Welcome MakeWebGames members!

On the flipside, any MWG peeps reading this, you’re very welcome to join us here as well. :smiley:

Our primary offering is our games directory where players can find and review PBBGs. Feel free to submit your own and we will help promote it.

I look forward to meeting you all, wherever it happens to be. :+1: May both our communities continue to flourish!

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