pbbg.com acquires Top PBBG

Some of you game owners amongst us may have received an email last week that Top PBBG (top-pbbg.com) would be ceasing operations as of Sep 30, 2018.

I’m happy to announce that this is no longer the case. pbbg.com has acquired Top PBBG and will continue running it as an extension of existing offerings to the PBBG community.

What is Top PBBG?

Top PBBG launched in 2009 as a PBBG toplist site.

A toplist site is a directory where individual website owners can get their website ranked on a list according to votes that they receive. They do this by placing a button on their website for their visitors to click on. Top PBBG allows users to vote on a game once a day, with all votes being reset every month.

In its current form, Top PBBG received about 750,000 incoming visits, and sent about 440,000 outgoing requests across all of the games in its directory.

It also has a blog at blog.top-pbbg.com.

How does Top PBBG compare to pbbg.com?

pbbg.com is not a toplist site. It is a ratings and review site, meaning that users can only rate a game once on a 1-5 scale, and rankings are never reset.

Both approaches to rankings have their merits, but they serve very different purposes.

It is up to game owners to decide whether they prefer to use one or the other, or both!

What does the ownership change mean for Top PBBG?

For now, not much. The short term goal was to avoid disruption of service to existing Top PBBG members and we’ve achieved that.

In the long term though, we plan to integrate this toplist service into a larger game management and promotion tool offered by pbbg.com.

For now, the idea is that top-pbbg.com will continue to run as its own separate entity. However, its game and review data will eventually being merged with pbbg.com’s existing data.

Our goal is to have one consolidated repository of PBBGs, with pbbg.com and Top PBBG using it to each serve their respective purposes.

In terms of the top-pbbg.com website itself, it will receive a design update to achieve a cleaner and more modern look. The future of the Top PBBG blog at the moment is uncertain, but it may be folded into a larger pbbg.com blog.

Thanks for reading!

I’m excited to see what comes of this, and believe this development will better help game owners promote their games, and through that our community continue to grow.

Happy PBBGing!

That’s great news! I’m eager to see the new site design.

One thing that I’d eventually like to see on pbbg.com is a list of or discussion about all the various voting/directory sites that exist for PBBG’s. I know I had a difficult time finding a decent set of sites to link to, but we have the opportunity here to make it easier for others.

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That would indeed be helpful! I’ve started a list here:

Feel free to add to it. :slight_smile: