Thank you @WaveHack for getting the repo going.

The purpose: framework to make a PBBG.

For now, we’re assuming just a BE to keep the scope small. We need to decide on a language/framework though, depending on who’s interested.

Please reply below with what language you’d prefer to work with if you were starting a PBBG from scratch.


My prefs for BE would be: Laravel > Node = Homebrew PHP framework > Other (like Py/Flask)

edit: For now, people who want to collaborate: please DM me your GitHub username on here or through Discord, and I’ll give you access to the organization.

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My preference for this project is Laravel, serves as a nice entry point and provides functionality that keeps development focused less on trivial issues and more so on the PBBG feature set. If not, I think that something in the PHP ecosystem would still be well suited - it’s accessible and easy for outsiders to get into.