Pbbg.site json api structure


We discussed about two months ago on Discord about PBBGs who wanted to provide a JSON API for the pbbg.site directory and what the API should look like.

I dug up the schema I made.

  name: string
  ?version: string
  ?description: string
  ?tags: string[]
  ?status: string ('up'/'down'/other)
  dates: {
    born: "Y-m-d"
    ?updated: "Y-m-d"
  players: {
    registered: int
    ?active: int
  ?links: {
    production: string
    beta: string
    github: string
    ...: string

Here’s OpenDominion’s implementation as an example for the above schema: https://beta.opendominion.net/api/v1/pbbg

Let me know what you think.