Preview: After

From the subreddit; these parts sound particularly interesting:


Oh, and there was eventually going to be a story. Everyone lost their memories when they died. There’s a bad guy to chase down. Some twists and turns. Then turns out people’s reluctance to deal with the stuff they did in life manifested the entity that stripped their memories. Your companions end up having done terrible things to you in your mortal life. Tough decisions need to be made. That’s chapter one (as far as I’ve thought about).

User Scripting

Another thing I had working and eventually want to do is user scripting. In the game world, everything exists by someone willing it into existence. So users could summon objects, change the environment, etc., limited by their willpower pool. Someone with higher willpower could undo what another has done, etc. So I wanted to add the ability to script behaviors into their creations.

It’s playable atm, though in its early stages.