Recent and upcoming changes

Hi everybody,

3 months ago we started this project to unify support for the PBBGs we play and/or develop, and it’s time for us to adapt to what we’ve learned so far.

The Site Itself now simply redirects to This is only a temporary change while we work on the new version of the site. I debated just keeping the old site around, but I decided that its shortcomings warranted a temporary closure. On that note:

The Directory

I still have the old directory of 200+ games, but I will be designing a new process by which to vet and organize them. As mentioned here, the automation of this process lead to some quality control issues that I hope to avoid in the new version. This will likely require a more manual approval process, but I don’t think it will be anything prohibitively complicated.

I still do plan to use the json response we’ve discussed. This will help us track game statuses as well as player statistics.

The Blog

We simply do not have the resources to maintain a blog on this site on our own. Instead, I will be looking to set up some kind of feed consumer that will let us tap into news and updates from participating games to mutual benefit.

The Forum

In the interim of all of this, the forum here will continue to be the primary focus for your PBBG needs. I’ve cleaned up and reorganized some of the categories here, and you can feel free to discuss any games you’d like in The PBBG Directory forum category. Details are pending, but the upcoming directory redesign will integrate with this forum in some manner.

The Chat

Chat is alive as always, and you’re of course still welcome to join us. We do have private dev channel for any interested game developers where we talk shop and bounce ideas/solutions off of each other.

Players and Devs alike can use the link below:

That’s it for now, I’ll post again here as we make visible progress.

Thanks for reading!