Skrupel TNG


I’m the developer of Skrupel TNG, a free and open source turn-based strategy browser game in a sci-fi setting. I’m not sure if this is ok for me to post here as I’m new to this community :slight_smile:

You command a civilization to gain total control of the galaxy. Each of the 4 factions have different space ships with different abilities such as jump engines or cloaking. You can colonize the surrounding planets, make alliances with other players or declare outright war against opponents.

I worked the last 9 months during my free time on this. It’s not some mini-browser game like a lot of the stuff on newgrounds but an extensive one. You can create your own matches against human players and configure them to your hearts content. New players can play a tutorial and against bot opponents.

This is not a game with flashy graphics and you don’t need any plugin for it - just a Chrome, Firefox or Opera :smiley:

I hope you enjoy it! Any feedback with be much appreciated!

Have fun with Skrupel TNG:


Some additional feedback came in, so I did another update:

  • the wording of tutorial texts has been improved to make things more clear
  • some help texts have been improved and added
  • the currently joined player count is displayed in the existing games table next to the maximum -> you can now easily see if there is room left in the games
    All of this should help out new players! Feel free to drop any feedback here :slight_smile:
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New update:

  • Lots of improvements to help and tutorial texts
  • You can now expand and collapse the bottom menu on desktop as well
  • The pre-game lobby for game mode “Team Death Foe” has been streamlined
  • You can now see the resources that are going to be mined on the next turn
  • The landing page has been improved with new content so new players can get a better sense of what the game is about

I opened 2 games for people to join in! Lets have some fun :smiley:

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The updates look great!

How long do matches typically last?

This depends on a lot of factors. How big is the galaxy? How many players are participating? What resource density was chosen? And most importantly: how often do people make their turns? :slight_smile:
You can make a small galaxy with lots of planets and resources so players find and fight each other quickly - but if the players only make their turns once a day it will be slow nether the less ^^. Game creators can configure an auto-tick that automatically calculates a new round after 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 hours - even if not everyone has made their turn.
I estimate that for a small game with lots of planets and resources when rounds are calculated three times per day a game will probably still take around 2 or 3 weeks.

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Big update!

  • Achievements
  • Notifications
  • Improved fleet manager
  • Lots of UX and big fixes
    Go have some fun :wink: Maybe we can fill the game called “Pirate infested center”? :smiley: