Staff Update and Refocusing

/r/PBBG’s previous owner has kindly passed ownership my way, and we will be consolidating our subreddit’s staff with’s staff as a larger move to unify our efforts for the wider community.

This means that will be putting in time and effort to improve /r/PBBG as a complement to its own offerings. There is some overlap with the forums, but the goal here is to serve our players and developers wherever they happen to be.

You may notice some changes happening in the coming weeks as we reorganize some things, redefine our processes, and reevaluate the best way to serve all of you. If you have suggestions on what you would personally like to see, please do let us know here. As we continue to grow it’s critical that we pay attention.

Thanks, and here’s to happy PBBG players and successful PBBG developers!


Sounds good, looking forward to more updates and focus on the pbbg side of things :slight_smile:

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