TravianX Clone PBBG


Has anyone else heard of TravianX, ( which appears to be a clone of Travian. Just wondering, as it’s been available for quite some time, in that perhaps it’s ok (as in, legal) to download, change the images, etc?

Any thoughts from, anyone about anything in relation to this?


That’s a good question, I can’t find any license info in their repo.

@WaveHack this seems up your alley a bit. Thoughts?


Codebase looks old and unmaintained.

Technically you could fork it and make changes. However due to the lack of a open source license the code is automatically propitiatory and if the original author got wind of it and want to bring down your project due to copyright, he/she could.

Practically speaking it’s a bit of a gray area. I’d say do whatever (since it’s open source), but respect the original author’s wishes if he ever contacted you. In my opinion, if you were to host and maintain your own version/fork of this, give the author credit where due and don’t try to monetize it.

As for me personally, I wouldn’t touch that code myself. Mostly due to a lack of proper framework and possible security issues. I’d use my framework of choice (Laravel) and build my own version from scratch. But that’s just me.


I agree, however for old timers like me without coding experience, it’s a nice project to pull apart. The Copyright Notice shows an old year so I assume it’s expired/retired, and how anyone can Copyright, a copy of (I presume) a Copyright site, baffles me.

If I can get the old beast to cough some life, I’ll rely on donations otherwise it’s a time filler for now. I’ll update the coding, best I can and completely change the images.