vMundus - New Geopolitcal Games

vMundus - is a free open world sandbox game where players control geopolitics and global economy . The game is based on real-life economy and politics. To build new companies, country infrastructure, research new technologies or conquer other countries, first you will need to extract resources and produce useful products from them. The more resources your country controls, the more powerful it is. In this game you are the boss of your own people, you can train them and send to war or work on your own or other players factories, organize resistance wars in other countries or reveal your own country from invaders. You can organize or join unions, create your own economic system and much more.

    • 13 Languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, and more)
    • Politic (Crate and run for parliament and president)
    • Economy (Create companies and even a corporation. Be a business tycoon)
    • Creat a new nation or micronation.
    • Fight agains Aliens, Islamic State and more.

Link: https://www.vmundus.online/