Welcome to pbbg.site!

We exist as a resource for anything and everything related to PBBGs. We are here to connect devs, players, and fans alike.

What is a PPBG?

A PBBG, or Persistent Browser-Based Game, is a game that:

  • players can play directly in their web browser
  • exists in a setting that persists while the player is offline

pbbg.site offers 4 services to the PBBG community:

The Directory

Our intended goal is to be the definitive source for any and every PBBG that has ever existed, including ones that have since closed down.

A lofty goal, but an important one. If you’d like to have your game added, feel free to submit it here.

The Blog

Speaking of updates, we intend to keep players abreast of development updates of their favorite games as well as release announcements of newcomers in the scene and updates on the community in general. This blog will be your source for this news.

The Forum

We offer a forum here at discourse.pbbg.site for you to connect with other players and/or developers.

Feel free to introduce yourself. We’re glad you’re here.

The Chat

We also have a Discord chat available and look forward to seeing you there. If you’re looking for a place where players and developers can engage in direct conversation, this is a great option.

We encourage promotion, so don’t be shy!