Zero to API with Lumen - Amanda Folson - Laracon EU 2018 Amsterdam

For anybody who is curious about building an api to serve their game’s backend, this is a good introduction to Lumen, a lightweight version of Laravel focused on speed and providing microservices.

I plan to do this myself with Imperial Conflict, and maybe even as an experiment to possibly revive an old game I created years ago. So far Lumen is looking pretty nice.

That old game has an interesting name. How much of it was finished before you abandoned the project?

It was mostly complete on its second version, and had a cool little map and some basic rpg style questing + pvp arena. I have fond memories of it and it’s silly humor. There was a defensive item called The Beard of Justice, and the highest level boss was a randomly spawning Jean Luc Picard. It was also fun that you could go fishing and use your catch as both food or a weapon (hence the game’s name).

It has some funny bugs too. The luck character stat was crazy overpowered, I remember one of my best buds created a character named O’Malley, and on every level up would push only his luck stat and totally destroy everybody else in any fight. When they got mad at him abusing the system he would say it’s just “The luck of the Irish” haha.

Ah… memories. I’m looking fwd to rebuilding it to test out Lumen. :slight_smile: